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Our Standard Poodles 


In my opinion, Standard Poodles are greatly underestimated. I've owned several different breeds of dogs in my life and none are like them. Style, grace, elegance, playful mannerisms, incredibly diverse, loyal, smart, easy to train, excellent with children, non shedding.. the list goes on and on! Of course there's the iconic poodle everyone knows but they have so much more to offer. Standard Poodles in show coats are gorgeous but not everyone enjoys the maintenance of keeping up a show coat or shows their poodles. They are excellent companions and extremely versatile, they will be your best farm dog, hunting partner, service dog, back seat driver or furry therapist! They come in many different colors and can be clipped in lots of different styles depending on your preference.  

When properly bred, Standard Poodles are amazingly adaptable to their environments, with quality breeding and puppies that have raised with the best love and care. This is not a blanket statement, not all poodles are created equal, it is my mission to raise the bar with the best customer service, transparency and genuine care with you in mind. My job is to match the perfect puppy to you and your lifestyle. I appreciate the opportunity to earn your business and provide the puppy of your dreams. 

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