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Our Poodles & Bernedoodles


We are committed to raising cherished, loyal and loving family companions along with pampered pets here at Fuzzybottoms! Raised in our home , focusing on conformation, temperament and health.

Why Bernedoodles?

I get asked this  question all the time. Bernedoodles have a playful, goofy, loving personality. Add the calm, loving temperament of a Bernese with the delicate, smart and bouncy Standard Poodle and you have a match made in heaven! Bernese Mountain Dogs are known to have shorter than average life spans, cancer issues, and shed heavily. By crossing them with the Standard Poodle, the genetics result in increased life spans, less health issues, and a beautiful, soft, wavy to curly coat that doesn't shed like their purebred relatives and come in gorgeous colors .

F1b cross is a standard bernedoodle bred back to a standard poodle

The Ladies ~


Fuzzybottoms Sweet Jellybean

'Jelly' is everything we strive for here at Fuzzybottoms!

She is smart, goofy, gentle, loves all children, and has a calm laid back personality. She also has an amazing coat and doesn't shed!

First Generation CKC, and DNA testing completed registered sable bernedoodle!

Carries the following colors: 

ay/at, E/E, ky/ky, S/sp, B/B

Cherry 💋_edited.jpg

Krysboe Clair de Lune

'Cherry' has matured into a beautiful two year old! I'm so excited for her future. She's already proven to be an amazing mama! AKC Registered, beautiful blue phantom standard poodle. DNA genetic testing completed.

Carries the following colors:

at/a, E/e, ky/ky, S/sp, B/bs

Standard Poodle Colorado

Krysboe Gemma di Luna 

'Gemma' is an affectionate and  loving and confident female with a gorgeous coat. Loves children and is super social.  

AKC Registered, small standard poodle. She is the newest addition to our Fuzzybottom's family. DNA genetic testing completed. 

Carries the following colors:

at/a, Em/E, ky/ky, S/sp, B/b 


The Gentlemen ~ 

Golden Leaves
Fuzzybottoms - Arrow

Krysboe Cupid's Keeper Arrow 

I'm so excited for my keeper  boy! Athletic, super sweet, smart and gorgeous!

He has his DNA testing completed and carries the following colors:

at/at, e/e, KB/ky, S/sp, B/b 

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