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     Just a little about myself and my pets. My name is Krysta, born and raised here in Colorado. I love this state and all it's beauty. I especially love sharing it with my dogs and now grown children. Hiking, camping, back packing, fishing, boating, hunting or skiing, this state has something for everyone! I love being outdoors and seeing my dogs bounding thru the creeks and streams. We live on five acres where the dogs can run and play! We are not a kennel, our dogs are pets and part of the family. They are never kept or housed outside. We love having our families over with their dogs for tons of fun and tired pups. I work in the administrative field by day but my real passion is my dogs! Disconnecting from my fast paced job and either taking the dogs out or grooming from home, improving our house so it's better for the dogs, being with friends and family that have dogs is a perfect way to spend the day! 

About Us

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