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Raised in our home using Puppy Culture curriculum and Early Neurological Stimulation!

What is Puppy Culture you ask? Simply put, it's a system of raising puppies that focuses on early socialization and positive reinforcement training. It's a comprehensive system for creating balanced and confident dogs. Emphasizing on critical periods of puppy development, the Puppy Culture program is a comprehensive guide to raising well rounded pups. We highly recommend buying "With Open Arms and a Level Head" the program for owners welcoming a new pup into their home. Weather it be a your first puppy or one of many, there's something for everyone and you will learn what your new pup already knows!  

Early Neurological Stimulation, a program developed by the military, which provides for confident, happy and loving puppies that easily adapt to new or stressful situations and better overall health. Also referred to as Super Dog and or Bio-Sensor.   


Anything that we can add to our puppies wellbeing and future is certainly a bonus! We also offer a live feed puppy cam for all deposit holders to view their puppy anytime day or night! Litter box trained, well socialized to a wide variety surfaces, sounds, sights and environments. Our  puppies  come pre-spoiled, well acclimated to grooming starting between three and four weeks, tails docked (show length on poodles), dewclaws removed, health checked, microchipped and vaccinated by our veterinarian, de-wormed several times and come with a two year health guarantee.


Parents have DNA testing completed, hips x-rayed and certified by OFA and Pennhip, elbows by OFA and eyes certified by OFA. 
Our mission is to provide loving, healthy and well balanced pets that are a happy addition to your family!

AKC Small/Moyan Poodle Puppies ~
Winter Litter 2024

Peanut & Rocket 
AKC Registered
Small/Moyen Poodles 
Peanuts babies arrived January 30th

Standard Bernedoodles ~
Winter Litter 2024

Gemma & Hank / Cherry & Hank  
AKC Registered Standard Poodle &
AKC Registered Bernese Mtn. Dog 
Limited Availability

Cherry's babies arrived February 10th 2024
Gemma's babies arrived February 13th 2024

Our Standard Poodles 


In my opinion, Standard Poodles are greatly underestimated. I've owned several different breeds of dogs in my life and none are like them. Style, grace, elegance, playful mannerisms, incredibly diverse, loyal, smart, easy to train, excellent with children, non shedding.. the list goes on and on! Of course there's the iconic poodle everyone knows but they have so much more to offer. Standard Poodles in show coats are gorgeous but not everyone enjoys the maintenance of keeping up a show coat or shows their poodles. They are excellent companions and extremely versatile, they will be your best farm dog, hunting partner, service dog, back seat driver or furry therapist! They come in many different colors and can be clipped in lots of different styles depending on your preference.  

When properly bred, Standard Poodles are amazingly adaptable to their environments, with quality breeding and puppies that have raised with the best love and care. This is not a blanket statement, not all poodles are created equal, it is my mission to raise the bar with the best customer service, transparency and genuine care with you in mind. My job is to match the perfect puppy to you and your lifestyle. I appreciate the opportunity to earn your business and provide the puppy of your dreams. 

Why Bernedoodles?

I get asked this  question all the time. Bernedoodles have a playful, goofy, loving personality. Add the calm, gentle, loving temperament of a Bernese with the delicate, smart and bouncy Standard Poodle and you have a match made in heaven! Bernese Mountain Dogs are known to have shorter than average life spans, cancer issues, and shed heavily. By crossing them with the Standard Poodle, the genetics result in increased life spans, less health issues, and a beautiful, soft, wavy to curly coat that doesn't shed like their purebred relatives and come in gorgeous colors .


Small / Moyen Poodle Litter
Winter 2024

Peanut welcomed 8 beautiful babies into the world Tue. Jan 30th!
5 girls and 3 boys, all healthy and gorgeous markings!
Phantom parti (tri) and Red and White Parti! All should be between 25-35 lbs when full grown, the perfect size for couches and car rides!

Puppy 1

Grey Collar - Phantom Parti (Tri) Male  

Puppy 2
Puppy 3
Puppy 5

 Red Collar - Phantom Parti (Tri) Male  

Puppy 4
Puppy 6
Puppy 7
Puppy 8
Puppy 9
Puppy 10

Blue Collar - Phantom Parti (Tri) Male  

Puppy 10

Pink Collar - Red and White Parti   

Puppy 11
Puppy 11

Fuchsia Collar - Phantom Parti (Tri) Female  

Puppy 12
Puppy 12
Puppy 13

Yellow Collar - Phantom Parti (Tri) Female  

Puppy 14
Puppy 16

Purple Collar - Phantom Parti (Tri) Female  

Puppy 15
Puppy 17
Puppy 18

Lime Green Collar - Red and White Female  

Standard Bernedoodle Litter
Winter 2024

Puppy 20
Puppy 19
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